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About Us

Health Delivery System, Inc. (HDSI) is a Healthcare Manager initially established by the Unilab Group to arrange and handle the health services required by its employees and their dependents.

In 2006, it expanded its reach and has since become the trusted Health Plan Manager of other corporations, including:

  • Southeast Asia Food Inc.
  • Nutri-Asia, Inc (formerly Universal Food Corp.)
  • Healthway Medical Clinic and its MediAccess accounts
  • Del Monte Phils, Inc.
  • Papertech, Inc.
  • Verde Foods, Inc.
  • Manson Drug / Argent Business (MedExpress)
  • FPD Asia Property Services, Inc.

HDSI today is committed to deliver comprehensive health care coverage that includes the following:

  • Hospital Confinement or In-patient Care Services
  • Out-patient Services
  • Preventive Health Care Services
  • Dental Services

HDSI performs the health care management activities and serves as a benefit manager to its client companies. It sets a standard in accrediting its partner health providers (i.e., hospitals, clinics and doctors). It develops appropriate benefits matrix according to the budget specifications of a client.

HDSI management has a wealth of experience in health research and studies. They have played active roles in the development and promotion of health products and other allied commodities in the country. Complement the foregoing, HDSI has its own Clinic (“Health First”) located at Unit 305 Level 3, EDSA Central Pavilion, EDSA corner Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City. The clinic renders the following services: medical, dental, pediatrics, ob/gyne, minor surgery; it also has its own laboratory, pharmacy, and x-ray facilities.

Company History

When United Laboratories (Unilab) established Health First in 1999, it already had the vision of becoming the country’s most trusted corporate healthcare plan manager.

It began serving the Unilab Group’s employees and their dependents, managing their health care needs through its facilities that include its own laboratory and x-ray. Members also enjoyed unrivaled medical attention headed by Dr. Manuel Dayrit who served as Health First’s first general manager and Dr. Angel Perez as the first Medical Director. Dr. Dayrit went on to become the Secretary of the Department of Health and is the current Director in the World Health Organization.

Then in 2006, Health First began offering health plan management services to other corporate clients, including some of the country’s biggest corporations.

In addition, its multi-speciality outpatient clinic began catering to the needs of private individuals, family members, other employees and Health First Privilege Card holders.

Today, Mr. Florencio Sta. Maria and Dr. Jesse Baylon serve as Health First’s General Manager and Medical Director, respectively. It also remains as one of the country’s top health plan managers mainly because of its unparalleled service towards companies and their employees who need a flexible and hassle-free health program.

Over a decade on, Health First maintains its commitment to keeping everyone’s health as its top priority.

Corporate Vision

We are the preferred health benefits manager of individuals and companies…

  • With a network of competent health care providers;
  • Utilizing effective and appropriate technology; and
  • Staffed by dedicated, skilled, and motivated professionals.

Corporate Mission

We provide excellent, innovative and socially responsible health care services by working closely with our various partners.

We uncompromisingly adhere to professionalism to ensure customer satisfaction that optimizes our financial viability.

These we do as a TEAM!

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